Relax and recharge your batteries with hemp & CBD products in organic quality.

The natural alternative for a healthier life

Cannabis plant

Proven plant power

Hemp has long been regarded as a high-quality foodstuff due to its versatile health-promoting effects and good compatibility. Well-being through plant power.

Microskop Cannabis

Laboratory tested - 100% BIO

We manufacture our CBD products from 100% organic hemp. All products are thoroughly tested in the laboratory – the highest possible quality standard you can get on the market.

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Oils at the highest level

A special extraction process ensures highly concentrated, purely natural CBD oils in organic quality, which contain the full plant substance spectrum consisting of phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

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Certified products

Our facility is located in one of the best production facilities in Europe and has all ISO certificates for sustainability, purity, environmental awareness, working environment and energy efficiency.

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Highest quality

Our organic hemp CBD oils & hemp flowers are specially grown for our products and refined in the Alps without any additives. Use the power of soothing and pain-relieving cannabidiol.

Especially popular products

For moments of regeneration and refuelling

5% CBD oil

1000mg CBD


in 3-4 days at your home

Organic Hemp CBD Flower (Vanilla)

5000mg CBD


in 3-4 days at your home

20% Premium CBD oil

2000mg CBD


in 3-4 days at your home

Organic hemp CBD flower (OG Kush)



in 3-4 days at your home

Satisfied customer voices

I am really enthusiastic about the quality of these oils. The delivery was surprisingly fast. As I am very sensitive to chemical medicines, I was looking for an alternative. I have been taking the 5% oil with 1000mg CBD for a few days now and I can already see a slight improvement. I will definitely recommend CBD Freya and order it again.

Helena Reishofer
38 years, from Fischamend

My son ordered the oil from Freya CBD for me because I have been suffering from severe muscle cramps for several years. My pains have already subsided considerably after 3-4 days of taking it. I generally feel much more relaxed and free. This is probably also due to the fact that I do not have a continuous feeling of pain. This is now the 5th time I have ordered and I will continue to do so.

cbd Patient
Johannes Altheim
56 years, from P├Âchlarn

All varieties have convinced us, especially the OG Kush hemp is really extraordinary good! The taste is very good, no side effects and my almost daily headaches have greatly decreased. My husband prefers to take the 5% CBD oil drops, usually in the evening before going to bed. He also says that he sleeps very deeply and rested since we ordered the products of CBD Freya. We will gladly order again. ­čÖé

cbd Patient
Janina Schweiger
28 years, from Saalfelden

Where is cannabidiol used?

pain: Many people use CBD successfully against pain.

inflammation: CBD can be highly anti-inflammatory.

Depression: Studies prove that CBD can be a powerful antidepressant.

nausea and vomiting: Basic research shows that CBD can reduce nausea and vomiting. 

inhibition of appetite: It has long been known that CBD inhibits some THC effects, including increasing appetite. CBD could therefore also help in the treatment of obesity. 

better sleep: Clinical studies show that CBD leads to deeper and higher quality sleep. CBD could also help with sleep disorders.

slept: CBD could also lead to better sleep and therefore help you to sleep better.

anxiety-relieving: CBD can help relieve anxiety when used in small amounts.

Relax and recharge your batteries with top quality products.

Life can be challenging, exciting, stressful, exciting and intense – it needs these moments in which you can switch off, recharge your batteries, regenerate, recover. And then to be ready again for the most important thing: to enjoy life in all its facets!

Our aim is to offer you organic products, oils & hemp flowers of first class quality,

as well as making these crops socially acceptable again.

Our goal is to increase your performance in daily life in a biological way.

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Our organic hemp is grown especially for our products and refined in the Alps without any additives. The plant is always hand-picked when the hemp is so rich in useful components.